Studying cell-cell communication and signaling

Cell-cell communication drives cancer progression and influences therapy response. A new article examines how different cell types within the TME work together to drive cancer and considers the multiple signals present between and within different cancers. To study how tissues function, we need a model that measures both how signals are transmitted between cells and how this information is processed within cells, and these models become much less variable when combined with CITE-seq or scRNA-seq, CyTOF, and CellPhoneDB. These techniques can be used to compare different regions of the same patient-derived explant as well as to compare healthy versus malignant tissue to identify targeted receptors and their activated signaling pathway in response to specific ligands or drugs.

Check out the publication: Al-Musawi et al, Clin. Transl. Med. 2021;11:e308. and learn more about a new 800-plex cell signaling protein biomarker analysis platform at

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