Drug Mode of Action Identification (MoA)

Gain mechanistic understanding for drug development

‘Mechanism of action’ (MoA) describes the specific biochemical interactions through which a drug exerts its pharmacological effect. This typically involves identifying molecular targets, such as cell receptors, and how the drug’s binding to these sites modulates cell signaling activities. MoA analysis is a crucial method employed in evaluating drug effectiveness. Screening of specific mechanism of drug action within living cells provide detailed insights into targeted impacts as well as major or minor side effects of drugs. With more than 4200 marker, Assay Engineers offers the most comprehensive biomarker analysis on solid or liquid biological samples on the market.

Especially the Hyperplex platform has become vital in preclinical development, enabling the quantification of over 1400 proteins and phospho-proteins simultaneously thus covering all known cell signaling pathways. This capability is key for analyzing cell signaling pathways comprehensively, improving our understanding of disease mechanisms, and aiding the development of targeted therapies as well as combination therapies.

Main Benefit

Translation of drug induced mode of action into identification of responder vs. non-responder to treatment.

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