As platform-independent bioanalytical CRO, we support precision medicine through translational sciences ranging from biomarker discovery through validation and patient cohort stratification. Based on a concise description of the biomarker’s specified use (COU) we help selecting the appropriate bioanalysis platform using a fit-for-purpose approach.

Hyperplex – Deep Cell Signaling Analysis

Quantify up to 1,250 proteins per sample (unphosphorylated and phosphorylated proteins)

Hyperplex™ Pathway Activity Profiling is a multiplex protein profiling service for comprehensive pathway activity analysis in drug development. The proprietary technology combines automated electrophoresis with bead-based ligand binding technology to digitally quantify up to 1,250 total and phospho-proteins in parallel. The platform has been validated with as little as 20-60 μg of total protein from samples such as 2D/3D cells, organoids, xenografts, PDX, tissues and tissue sections (fresh frozen or formalin fixed). Hyperplex™ is validated for 1,250 antibodies in human and various animal species as well as suitable for any custom antibody.

Quantitative Hyperplex™ data is typically presented in tables, heat maps, and volcano plots including custom pathway maps to enable data-based decision making.

Olink - Proximity Extension Assay

PEA by Olink® offers high-quality protein biomarker discovery based on a flexible and scalable technology platform. Proteomics is advanced to the next level by enabling high-throughput, large scale analysis of thousands of proteins simultaneously, while using less than a drop of biofluid and maintaining exceptional levels of specificity, sensitivity and dynamic range. Quantitative PEA analysis is typically presented in Excel NPX results file

QSM Metabolic Profiling

QSM™ (Quantitative System Metabolism) is a novel technology that combines LC-MS-based quantitative proteomics with cloud computing power and individualized molecular resolved kinetic metabolic models. QSM™ leverages detailed kinetic descriptions of hundreds of enzymes considering more than 1,000 regulatory properties to assess metabolic capacities, functions, and bioenergetics in cells and tissue biopsies.

Pharmacometricians as well as translational researchers and LC-MS analysts benefit from QSM™ technology for model-informed drug development (MIDD), QSP, metabolic profiling and fluxomics analysis.

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