Mechanism of action (MoA): Hyperplex to elucidate MOA and quantify pathway modulation

Mechanism of action (MoA): Learn how Bayer uses Hyperplex to elucidate MOA and quantify
pathway modulation. HyperplexTV is the most comprehensive pathway analysis platform in the
market (> 1,250 biomarkers, > 300 phosphoproteins). Eliminate guesswork: Get an actionable
data package (incl. heatmaps, volcano plots, pathway maps) now. Learn about our service
1. Discovery. Compound profiling, quantitative benchmarking.
2. Pharmacology. Target engagement, off-target activity profile.
3. MoA: Mechanism of action, pathway/disease modulation.
4. Translational: Disease heterogeneity, patient stratification.
5. Development: Drug (re-)positioning and repurposing.

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Dr. Beena Punnamoottil

VP Global Head Proteomics

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Dr. Jan Detmers

VP Global BioAnalysis

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