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Assay Engineers is the top choice for tailored solutions in targeted proteomics. We specialize in engineering assays to meet your specific scientific requirements, providing comprehensive insights into complete proteomics.

As scientific collaborators, we prioritize your needs and adhere to strict timelines. Our team of experienced scientists engages in open and rigorous discussions, ensuring the highest level of precision and reliability for your data.

With Assay Engineers, you benefit from the expertise of dedicated scientists who possess over a decade of hands-on experience in the bioanalytical field. Partner with us to advance your research and achieve significant breakthroughs in proteomic analysis.


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Cutting-Edge Services for Proteomic Analysis

Cell Signaling Pathway Analysis

Uncover cellular function insights and discover clinically relevant markers with Assay Engineers' comprehensive cell signaling pathway analysis. Accelerate research in cell signaling analysis for impactful advancements.

Mode of Action Identification

Gain detailed insights into drug effectiveness and identify responders vs. non-responders with Assay Engineers' comprehensive mode of action analysis. Accelerate research and decision-making in drug development with our extensive biomarker analysis capabilities.

PTM & Pathway Profiling

Unlock the regulatory mechanisms of living cells through in-depth post translational modification (PTM) analysis and pathway profiling offered by Assay Engineers. Leverage our comprehensive coverage of biomarkers, including PTMs, to identify molecular interfaces relevant to disease or treatment modifications.

Targeted biomarker analysis

Enhance patient stratification, mode of action analysis, and companion diagnostics with Assay Engineers' targeted biomarker analysis. Our comprehensive analysis of disease-specific biomarkers provides deep insights into cellular function and signaling pathway information, empowering you with actionable data and comprehensive biological relevance.

At Assay Engineers, we cultivate scientific excellence and collaboration, embracing diverse perspectives while staying at the forefront of proteomic advancements.


Perfect tools for breakthrough bioanalytical data

As platform-independent bioanalytical CRO, we support precision medicine through translational sciences ranging from biomarker discovery through validation and patient cohort stratification. Based on a concise description of the biomarker’s specified use, we help selecting the appropriate bioanalysis platform using a fit-for-purpose approach.

Hyperplex™ – Deep Cell Signaling Analysis

Hyperplex™ Pathway Activity Profiling offers comprehensive protein analysis for drug development, measuring up to 1,250 proteins simultaneously using validated technology.

Olink® - Proximity Extension Assay

Olink®'s PEA technology enables high-throughput analysis of thousands of proteins, delivering reliable biomarker discovery results for diverse research fields.

QSM™ - Metabolic Profiling

QSM™ merges LC-MS-based proteomics with computational pathway analysis, enabling metabolic profiling including bioenergetics analysis for drug development and translational research.

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